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We are against the censorship on Leakedreality.com. However, we only accept graphic media that contains sufficient factual background information and/or media that contains news value. In case you might spot graphic items on leakedreality that don't seem to meet the above criteria, please flag the item to be reviewed ASAP.

What are the rules for uploading on Leakreality? 

These are the certain criteria's an upload must meet:
1) Media content which we deem to be the glorification of graphic violence or graphic content such as graphic compilations or graphic media with insufficient information.

2. Violate copyright laws, Animal cruelty, sexual assaults (rape, snuff, bestiality videos, gifs or images etc), porn, children getting hurt, child pornography, promoting terrorism, promoting hate, promoting vandalism, or threatening or flaming a person, posting others personal information, political propaganda's that contains hate speech, including verbal attacks based on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, disability or nationality. In these cases the media will be removed, your account will be banned.

3) Uploads showing the poster involved in criminal activity.

4) Spam or advertising media on leakedreality.com

5) Soft- and Hardcore pornography. We do not host soft core or hardcore pornography of any kind incl. images or gifs NOT allowed.

6) Music. Unless you are the copyright holder

7)Abusive, rude or unreasonable behavior towards staff members or users or the site (Leakreality)

8)Uploads showing a logo or watermark from an another video site.

9)We reserve full right to terminate your account if you do not abide by the rules

What are the rules for commenting on LeakReality?
We are aware that the nature of the site can sometimes lead to heated discussion. In order to avoid any conflict between our users, we have conducted some rules that everyone must obey.

1. Flaming. Flaming or directly insulting fellow members will not be tolerated. Your comments will be removed, points deducted, and you could get a warning (Please see below for warnings). Generalization is NOT considered a flame. If someone insults your country this is not an excuse to insult them.

2. Freedom of speech. We're 100% supporting the freedom of an individual to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or sanction. We do not censor our comments, 'However', we absolutely dis-encourage anyone from using racial slurs on leakedreality.com, we are not trying to tell you how to think. We are merely asking you voice your opinions within your common sense.

3. Private information. The posting of private information is forbidden. Any member found sharing another members personal information on this site (Full name, phone number, address, e.t.c.) runs the risk of being banned. Even if this information is freely available elsewhere on the internet members will not bring it into leakedreality.com nor link to it.

4. Trolling. Deliberately making post after post with the sole intent of disrupting the site will result in your account, and possibly any future accounts, being banned without warning

5. Spamming. Advertising (without the prior agreement of Leakedreality.com), making the same comments over and over, or the continuous use of pointless single character posts and the like will be treated as spam.

6.  Profanity filter. The filter is there to prevent anyone NOT wishing to view profanity to have that choice. You can turn the filter off in your settings. Please do not deliberately misspell words to defeat the filter, all you are doing is imposing your will on fellow members and you run the risk of warnings / a ban.

7  Abusive, rude or unreasonable behavior towards staff members or users or the site (Leakedreality)

8.  Posting of private messages. Private messages are not intended for public consumption. Please keep them between yourselves.

9)     We reserve full right to terminate your account if you do not abide by the rules

We reserve the right to remove comments without warning or notice. Terms and conditions apply!