Woman’s first pottery class goes hilariously wrong

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Woman’s first pottery class goes hilariously wrong 😂😂

A first-time potter left her class in stitches when she inadvertently shaped her clay into a giant PENIS.

The side-splitting clip shows the woman sitting in her first pottery class attempting to mould a lump of brown clay.

As she spins the wheel and clasps the clay with both hands it resembles – to her embarrassment – a huge phallus.

The rest of her friends and even strangers in the room burst out laughing as everybody realises her rookie mistake.

The clip, which was viewed more than 10,000.000 times in under 24 hours and amassed 15,000 likes and 20.000 shares, gets even funnier after the teacher at the workshop urges her to push the top of the clay down so she can turn it into a block and then a pot.

The woman tries this, but ends up bending her clay penis sideways, causing even more laughs as it starts to resemble a flaccid member.

The embarrassed woman is helpless and saw her attempt to make a pot end horribly wrong.

The teacher eventually takes over and turns the clay penis into a pot-shaped object as the video ends.