Woman Smashes Laptop Over Boyfriend’s Allegedly Checking Some Other Woman On Plane

Woman smashes laptop over boyfriends head for looking at other woman.

The video, gone viral after posted on social media shows that, terrified passengers looking to a angry woman who screams at her husband as argument escalates between this two while the F word among other profanities was used several times.

As the woman accelerates with her rage, flight attendants and a few other passengers attempt to calm the both sides but , unfortunately her actions results her boyfriend runing off the plane in an attempt to get away from her.

 While the man is escorted to the front part of the plane, he shouts: ‘you’re assaulting me,’ to which the woman responds: ‘I’ve known you for years, I’m assaulting you?!’ – before smashing him over the head with her laptop.

#The woman then follows him down the aisle, shoving him and hitting him on the back of his head before a member of staff tells her she’s going to be charged with assault.The video, which has since been retweeted more than 26k times on Twitter, ends with the woman saying ‘fine whatever’ as she attempts to follow Memo off the plane.

Julia Scorupco, the woman who shared the video on social media, confirmed the woman had since been arrested.

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