Woman Is Sold an iPhone But Opens a Box of Potatoes Instead in Black Friday Scam

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It’s that time of the year again when turkeys take center stage and the best deals are up for grabs. This is the perfect opportunity for consumers to take advantage of mega sales, however, it goes the same way for scammers.

A woman was swindled out of her money when she found a good deal on an iPhone 6, but was left with a box of potatoes in Black Friday scam.

After spotting a truck with a Black Friday sale sign along the side of a road in Milwaukee, the woman checked it out and found a variety of items being sold. When an iPhone 6 caught her eye, the dude offered it for $100. She checked the phone in her hand and even asked the guy to call it to see if it was working fine. But when she finally took it home, all she had was sliced potatoes and an Android phone charger.