Whoops! Hilarious Wedding Fails

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Listen closely. Do you hear them? Yes, those are summer wedding bells ringing faintly in the distance. It’s that time of year again as your friends and family members decide to tie the knot in ever-popular summer weddings. From lace tablecloths to endless candles and RSVPs, say goodbye to plans of summer beach vacations as you’re attendance has been requested to share in the joy of the bride and groom.

Despite losing a few days of vacation time, weddings can be a lot of fun especially when things don’t go quite according to plan. Most wedding blunders often go unnoticed but, thanks to modern technology, camera phones are usually at the ready to capture even the smallest moments. Of course, most outrageous photos you see from weddings come from overly intoxicated family members who hit the dance floor too hard (no, Uncle Ted, your version of the lawnmower isn’t hip today!).

Needless to say, odd moments are actually fairly common at weddings but, we’ve decided to step it up a notch and share some incredibly WTF wedding moments! Never fear as the internet is here to record every event and to show people at their absolute worst! If you ever wanted to know how the best day of your life could become the worst, check out these 12 hilarious wedding fail photos!

12 Catch!


When it comes to the traditional bouquet toss, chances are that you do NOT want to get in the way of any single bridesmaid.

Nine times out of ten, they are on a suicidal mission to be the next in line to tie the knot with or without a significant other! Anything that might help secure that “I do” is like gold and, if you so happen to get in the way, consider yourself fair game in their path of destruction. Even tiny bridesmaids can attack at the knees just to capture their prize. Just take a look at the intense focus of these bridesmaids in their effort to be the next to say “I do”!

11 McWedding


Take a moment and imagine all of the great locations around the world where you could choose to have your dream destination wedding.

Did you think of places like the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, or Niagara Falls? What about McDonalds? Chances are that your local McDonald’s probably isn’t on the top of your list when it comes to wedding locales but, for this bride it was! Perhaps her and her significant other met over a value meal or a Filet-O-Fish; either way, we are fairly certain this bride will regret this destination wedding location! From the creepy smirk of Ronald to the bride’s look of terror, we can easily tell who’s actually “lovin’ it”!

10 Weird Hybrid Creatures


Everyone has a few skeletons in their closet as well as a few family weirdos you avoid inviting to the house during the holidays.

Weddings, however, seem to bring out the best, worst and, yes, even the weirdest in people. Take a look at these wedding guests who, we hope, are fairly drunk by this point since they have plates on their ears and buckteeth!  Whatever the game, surely these guests are a few tequila shots in for being such good sports in happily wearing this rat-like costume! Whatever it is, we’ll just take the tequila and leave them to their shenanigans!

9 Chicken Run


As the ceremony comes to a close for the new Mr.

and Mrs., guests anxiously wait to applaud the newlyweds and then head to the real party at the reception. Sometimes, this transition between man and woman to husband and wife is marked by the release of a pair of doves. But, for this happy couple, they opted to make their ceremony unique by tossing a pair of raw chickens in the air! With two featherless birds plummeting to the ground before the couple, we only hope that fried chicken was on the menu for the reception!

8 Vegas Vacation


Las Vegas is known for its nightlife, gambling and risqué behavior.

In fact, it’s the one city in America where all of these are accepted and welcomed. It’s also the place where lovers can get hitched from the comfort of their cars in drive-thru wedding chapels! This couple just goes to show how Vegas welcomes weird. Why exactly is a Star Trek captain marrying a Gothic woman with fishnet sleeves in front of an Elvis Presley look alike?  Going boldly where no one has gone before, this Vegas wedding is one for the record books of weird!

7 Transformed


There are endless situations that are beyond a bride’s control as she plans the wedding of her dreams.

From bad weather to unruly in-laws or even weird Uncle Sal, we can’t help but think that this wedding invaded by humongous robotic death machines was out of the bride’s control. In fact, we hope this poor groom is marrying Bridezilla simply for the sake of survival as only she could combat the robotic hordes that are literally crashing through this wedding party. While it seems a truly tragic affair, modern technology makes it all seem real and, why not? Michael Bay might even be an honored guest just to make a dime off of the ensuing apocalypse.

6 Seat Check


Unless the bridesmaids peed in their dresses in unison, we are fairly certain that this summer wedding might have been victim to a summer shower causing wet chairs!

While summer weddings are beautiful, they also come with a hefty price of blistering heat from the grueling sun. With common summer showers because of the high pressure atmosphere, it’s no wonder that these two bridesmaids are reaching back to feel their wet rears! Sadly, they must have forgotten that everyone, even Grandma Betty, has a camera phone now, making this moment of adjustment truly candid!

5 What’s This Now?


If you are married or have ever been part of a wedding party, it’s fairly common for the wedding photographer to take an endless supply of photos of the bride.

Unfortunately, many of these photos are often done outside and require unique and sometimes uncomfortable poses to create that special look. It’s apparent that the little boy in the photograph doesn’t quite understand what’s going on as he unknowingly peers into the bride’s fluffy dress. With a quick lesson in anatomy added in with a fair amount of shock and perhaps little kid disgust, we are fairly certain this young man won’t be chasing girls anytime soon! Just remember, if he starts asking questions, it’s all about the birds and bees!

4 Majestic Wedding


We’ve already seen what happens when an entire set of Transformers show up unexpectedly to a wedding.

Now, you can see what happens when you have real trouble lurking in uncharted waters. Not only is the gigantic shark launching toward the guests, he is carrying an intimidating Hercules-type figure on his back, which is more than enough to ruin any wedding ceremony! With this beach wedding, we imagine that none of the guests enjoyed the beautiful blue ocean waters after the reception or anytime soon, for that matter! In fact, this even makes the movie, Jaws, look like a fairy tale!

3 Floats Bride


 Have you or your friends ever taken a picture on the beach as you jump together in mid-air, arms and legs haphazardly thrown above and below you? Leaping group photos are all the rage at weddings toady because of the hilarity as the best-dressed wedding party opts for a bit of real humor as they joyfully jump to new heights. But, can you imagine jumping without having any legs? This bride has defied the laws of physics by channeling her inner Princess Peach, floating into the air alongside her husband. Ok, so maybe her legs are just tucked behind her or under her dress but it sure is more fun to imagine her as the magical Princess Peach!

2 Planked


Remember when we said that every family has that one weird cousin or uncle?

Well, we are fairly certain that weird cousin Eddy has been photographed here in plank formation lurking above the bride and groom. Years ago, planking was a popular trend as everyone tried to sneak in a great planking moment on camera at the expense of someone trying to take a serious or memorable picture. This photobomb is evidence of the trend as this couple unknowingly shares a romantic moment while Eddy, the planking prankster, hovers behind their heads.  Who invited this guy anyway? Is he a friend of the bride or the groom?

1 Star Wed


Intergalactic weddings are indeed a special affair as guests from far off places across the galaxy join together to witness two people who are deeply in love tie the knot.

Typically, we would see a ceremony between Han Solo or Luke Skywalker but, here we see Princess Leia adorned in her classic slave attire as she vows her love to Admiral Ackbar. With a surprisingly normal (at least in comparison to the others) looking woman, who resembles Xena the Princess Warrior, officiating the ceremony, we can’t help but notice the look on Ackbar’s face. While it seems to be a look of love, we can’t help but worry about his luck and think that it’s most likely a trap. Surely he got an intergalactic prenup before saying “I do”!