White woman tells husband “aliens gave me a black baby”

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white-woman31 year old Susan Foreshaw from Liverpool England claims to have been inpregnated by aliens on a night out with friends.

“I was drunk and alone, I walked down a back street and out of nowhere came this big bright light, it all happened so quick … 9 months later I was rushed to Liverpool Hospital and gave birth to a beautiful black baby”.

Even tho Susan and her husband Tony are both white, Aliens are the only reason Susan can think of as to why she became pregnant with a black baby.

Her husband Tony Foreshaw stands by her claims saying. “My Susan would never lie about something like this … She knows how much I’ve wanted a baby and its a miracle that this has happened”.

Professor Green founder of L1 UFO  says “This is a very strange case indeed … We have never seen aliens make a black baby before, Maybe Susan has a genetic disorder and that is the reason for the babies skin colour”

Doctors say the baby is healthy and there are no signs of any Alien DNA in the mother or childs blood.