What people are up to that makes the rest of us go wtf

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#1 An older gentleman came into my office this morning and asked if I wanted to see a picture of his “pride and joy”.

#2 Ermergerd, dern’t perk here.

#3 Found this in my classroom.

#4 Each booth is an alternate reality.

#5 My wife was not pleased when she came home.

#6 Solving domestic violence, for good.


#7 Stephen King’s IT.

#8 Someone who works at a bank had a customer whom brought in this prop money which she thought was real and didn’t understand why the bank couldn’t accept it.

#9 I had a problem with birds at my house. Not anymore!

#10 Safe to say that I tipped him.

#11 My 5 year old: “That farmer must really love his cows…. he put up all those fans to keep them cool.”

#12 So they do check the signatures.

#13 Spotted in Mexico.

#14 So a pigeon got into our house today. My cat troy (tabby) has a different method of hunting…

#15 Meanwhile in Australia, the situation grows dire.