What $1 Can buy You in Different Countries

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Dollar exchange rate, as well as the Euro, is now the number One topic for all people. All this frightens and upsets the people of Our vast Country, But there is always Hope and faith in A bright future. In the Meantime, Let’s See That in Different Countries what CAN be Bought for $ 1.

Source: 4tololo.ru

1. In Mexico, for the money you can buy 48 bananas.

2. In Australia, you will be able to talk for one minute on a mobile phone.

3. In Zimbabwe, for $ 1, you CAN buy A Wide Variety of things. In Harare “Dollar Market” Offer everything from clothes to Food, at A price of One Dollar.

4. In Canada, you can buy one organic apple.

5. In Haiti, you can buy four rice dishes.

6. In Belgium, for $ 1 you get a pack of gum.

7. Greenland can buy 1 liter of gasoline.

8. In Venezuela, you will be able to fill half or even a full tank, depending on the size of your gas tank.

9. In Saudi Arabia, for $ 1, you can go one mile taxi.

10. In Honduras, for the same money you will be taken anywhere in the city.

11. In the Italian city of Ganji for $ 1, you can rent a house.

12. In Finland, for the same money you can go to the toilet for an extra charge.

13. In Denmark, you can buy a chocolate Kinder maxi.

14. In Jordan, for $ 1 you buy chocolate, Pepsi and a bag of chips.

15. In Japan, you can buy one onigiri.

16. In Indonesia, for one dollar, you can be nice to have dinner.

17. China will be able to buy a pint of local beer on tap.

18. And in the Czech Republic for one dollar can buy three bottles of beer in a large supermarket.

19. In the UK, you will be offered one Pickled Egg.

20. And in Vietnam will be able to purchase more than forty quail.

21. In Egypt, for a dollar you can buy six falafel sandwiches.

22. In Portugal you will find a small cup of espresso.

23. In Switzerland, for a dollar you get a little piece of the world-famous Swiss cheese.

24. In Thailand, for the same amount you will get a green Thai curry and rice.

25. In Kenya, you can buy 8 heads of cabbage, 4 tomatoes and 4 bulbs.

26. Ireland will be able to buy a bag of chips.

27. And in Nepal for one dollar will be able to taste the local manta rays in the amount of 10 pieces.

28. In Norway, for the money you do not buy anything.