Watch what happens when you fill a coke bottle with butane and flip it over

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A couple of Russian guys messing around with science and stuff decided to fill a coke bottle with butane, flip it over and watch it launch like a rocket.

YouTuber kreosan prefaced his explanation of what’s going on in the video by saying “Attention! Flammable,” so yeah, don’t try this at home, kids.

A Russian to English translation of kreosan’s synopsis of the experiment reads as follows:

Liquid gas is mixed with cola instantly turns into a gaseous state, while increasing in volume by more than 500 times! Departing from a bottle of cola with foam creates a gas jet draft and bottle accelerates like a rocket! We still have a lot of ideas, but in regard to the situation in our city of Lugansk, sorely lacking finances. But you, our audience, can help us in our experiments. You can rest assured on our channel you are waiting for a grand experiment and the incredible discovery! With your support for video will go more often! We will be glad of any help.

The video was uploaded on Sept. 4 and already has more than nine million views.

The uploader called the butane-powered coke bottle a “mega rocket.” It’s really a “mini rocket,” but it is mega cool.

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