WATCH: Carrot Mascot At Minor League Baseball Game Lays Vicious Hit On Two Rival Vegetables

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carrot big hit

The NFL used to be America’s favorite beacon for primal violence. We could count on a few boneshaking hits every weekend to make us a smile. But after the league changed its rules to reduce debilitating violence, the league has been devoid of the epic collisions that everyone loves.

Apparently the place to be if you want to see those kinds of hits is somehow a minor league baseball park. Seriously, the carrot in this carrot is the new Ray Lewis. He gives absolutely zero f**ks, lighting up a pepper and potato at the same time to prove once and for all who the supreme vegetable is.

When I first saw the headline while browsing the internet I assumed it’d be a decent hit made much more notable by the fact that it was by a guy in a carrot suit. But no, this hit is straight out of the Madden 2000 intro, and the fact that it’s done by a giant carrot is just the cherry (carrot?) on top.

Seriously, this hit is more ruthless than anything we’ll see on the gridiron this season, guaranteed.