University Of Miami QB Busted On DUI — Plus Cocaine Possession…

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Virginia v Miami

Tucker Beirne was in too big of a hurry to prove he was ready for the NFL — as the 19-year-old University of Miami football player was pulled over by Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies in Tavernier very early on the morning of February 3rd. [stadium photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty]

Yeah, that’s just hours before everyone was celebrating the start of college football. Tucker just got carried away a little too early, it seems, with cops saying that he was driving under the influence and was carrying around some cocaine.

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Beirne wasn’t set to play today againstFlorida A&M at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, of course. He’s just a freshman who was signed up after starting all four years as QB at Aspen High School in Colorado.

Now he’s looking set to marry Peg and start selling shoes in Chicago — or so we’re guessing. Officially, the team has no comment on the guy’s arrest. We’re expecting some repercussions, though.