Tyroler Glider: Magnetic Window Cleaner

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The Tyroler Glider gives you the power to wash your windows in half the time. You can wash them from the outside and the inside at the same exact time.

As a matter of fact, the best inventions are simple. This one is no different. Professional window cleaners swear by this device.

Now, you can bring it into the comfort of your own home and use it for yourself. The two sides of the gliders are connected by strong magnets. As you wave one side around from the inside, the side on the outside moves with you.

This device especially helps you clean every inch of your window safely. You often can’t reach all of your windows by yourself. And, depending on how high up the room is, you shouldn’t try. This device keeps you inside and away from the dangerous height while delivering a clean and crisp finish.

It comes with two microfiber cloths that get rid of the heavy dirt and grime that often pile up on windows. Also, it works great for polishing. These cleaners are held together by very powerful magnets so it’s certainly very unlikely that it’ll lose its strength. You certainly need these window cleaners in your home.

With the Tyroler Glider, window cleaning will be as easy as 1, 2, 3 and you will stay safe no matter how high up you are.

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