Trac-Grabber: Get UnStuck from Mud, Snow and Sand

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The best device in your car’s fight against the elements is the Trac-Grabber. This strap uses the power of your car to get you out of mud, snow, or whatever substance it may be stuck in. All you need to do is strap this device onto your tire like a belt. Then, press the gas and watch the magic work.

The material utilizes the traction in order to move your tire along and raise your car out of the rut. It’s literally that simple. This device would be an amazing gift for any of your favorite car lovers. But, it would be especially wonderful for someone who repeatedly uses their car for work.

It comes in a couple different sizes so it can fit any vehicle from a regular car to a massive truck. Even four-wheelers can utilize this device in the roughest of conditions.

This inexpensive strap belongs in every car’s glove compartment. No matter how you use your car, you need this strap in your possession. You can never predict when you’re going to get into an emergency situation.

This simple-to-use device puts the power back in your hands with the magic of traction. As a result, no longer do you have to call an expensive towing company to get your car or wait on a random friend to come pick you up.

You don’t have to wait for somebody to rescue you anymore. With the Trac-Grabber, you can rescue yourself.

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