Best 5 Gift Ideas For Your Last Minute Christmas Gift List

Making Christmas lists is always tough, and it gets harder every year as you get older, although luckily for our readers, we’ve taken all the hard work out of it and picked 10 great gifts you’ll be happy to recollect.

Looking for something ambitious, clever and completely over-the-top this year? Then check out our list of 10 Christmas presents you should pick up and place on your wish list this year. 

1. Never gets old ‘Valet’

Many of us don’t even realize what useful stuff you can but for $30 for a box with compartments? Ah.. a great place to dump your keys on your desk. Honestly this tools is  great for putting your keys, wallet, watches, change and other daily carries all in one place. And these days some of these boxes even come with phone and iPod chargers.

2. Electric Toothbrush
They cost around $40-$50. Even though seems a bit pricey, it still goes into our Christmas list. Here’s why this is a great gift idea that anyone would love having it. According to the latest research suggests that, the  electric toothbrushes with “rotation-oscillation action” can remove more plaque than regular brushing. if anyone enjoy sticking things into their mouth, this is perfect gift, just saying 😉 

3. Perfume
C’mon who doesn’t like people smells good, hint* girlfriends and wife’s does.  Picking out the perfect perfume is hard, but if you know someone’s favorite scent, it becomes a whole lot easier. Popular perfumes for women come in all sorts of fun minis, duos, and cool bonus sets for the holidays, so cross a few gifts off your list with the best perfume gift sets.

4. Pull-Up Bar
A pull-up bar provides a complete, fantastic upper body work out. And it wont even cost you more than $15. There are many models but quite honestly the cheapest one does the job,  and with its economic value,  serves as a great gift to give it to your family. If you still need more convincing, Google: A Pitch for a Door Jam Pull Up Bar.

5. Pocket Knife
You have no idea how often you’ll use a pocket knife until you start carrying one. A quality knife can easily run you $50 to $100 but it’s worth every penny, especially if someone else is paying for it. There are several options available, all great. There are traditional pocket knives, lock backs, and Leatherman type multi-tools.

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