Top 10 Dog Doppelgangers That Will Make You Look Twice

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Top 10 Dog Doppelgangers That Will Make You Look Twice

The perfect double, this pooch looks just like billionaire playboy Sir Richard Branson


Things might not always be what they seam? Check out our favorite top 10 dog doppelgangers that are bound to make you double take what you are looking at!

The force is strong with the little fat pug, he could be the twin brother of dodgy Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt


This hairy pup also looks just like one of our favorite Star Wars characters Chewbacca


This Shar Pei dog could easily be mistaken for a fluffy towel


How could any puppy be this cute, and also look like your favorite Teddy bear?


It might not be safe to get in the water with this fearsome toothed dog fish lookalike of Jaws


Be careful which mop you use to clean the floor, one of them is actually a Komodor also known as the Mop Dog


Peter Lorre could be a brother from another mother with this sad eyed little fellow


Don’t eat the fried chicken on the left, it’s a whole pack of pups doing the impression of KFC


Strike a pose… this little chap looks just like the blueberry muffin I just bought