Times People Absolutely Won The Food Lottery

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We’ve all heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness,” but maybe food can. Why dream of winning the lottery if you can win the food lottery – that is, when you pay for a certain amount of your favorite food, and end up with more. Now that’s a real deal, my friends.

It’s like getting a grande latte when you only paid for a tall; like buying fish fingers, and getting an extra one in the packet; like eating your morning cereal and noticing an extra-large cheerio! Not to mention buying your favorite veggie or berry, and it’s the biggest one you’ve ever seen.

#1 There was a Mini Orange inside my Orange

#2 Vending Machine at work made an error and Distributed Everything All at once

#3 My watermelon has almost no rind

#4 Won the Avocado Lottery

#5 Jackpot

#6 Multiple Strawberries Fused into one

#7 Found a Green Bell Pepper growing inside a Red one

#8 Win.. Just got a carton full of Double Yolk Eggs

#9 My Kinder Surprise was encased in a second skin of chocolate

#10 My girlfriend found this in her Skittles today