This Is What “American Food” Looks Like According To The Rest Of The World

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—It’s always interesting to see what other people think of your culture’s eating habits and having a look at foreign store shelves is a great way to do it. This is exactly what happened when skiptonskipper posted an image of what the “American Food” section looks like in the UK and other people followed up as well.

The majority of them feature sugar. Lots and lots of it. Pop-Tarts, cookies, soft drinks, and various candies are among the most popular choices, however there is one product that seems to be everywhere – marshmallow fluff! According to findings in Ireland, Australia, Spain, Germany, the UK, and other countries this is one of the most American-like food there is. It would be interesting to hear what our American readers think of these “menus”!

#1 American Food Section In England

#2 This Is The American Section In A New Zealand Grocery Store

#3 Belgian Grocery Store’s American Section Is Just Pop And Guac Mix.

#4 The “usa” Section At The Local Galleria Upscale Grocery. Note: Poptarts, Swiss Miss, Syrup. Basically, Diabetes.


#5 This Fancy Colombian Grocery Store Has A Section For Us Foreigners From The USA. Hot Chocolate And Peanut Butter!

#6 The American Food Section In My Local Supermarket – North Suburb Of Paris.

#7 American Food Section In France.

#8 UK.

#9 Australia.

#10 Denmark. This Is A Typical ‘american’ Section In A Scandinavian Grocery Store.

#11 The American Food Section In A Finnish Grocery Store Will Always Amuse Me. Hot Sauce Everywhere.

#12 American Food In German Super Market.

#13 What The Us Food Section Looks Like In France.

#14 In Sweden They Have An American Food Section.

#15 American Food Section In A Uk Supermarket. This Is Their Cross Section Of Your Eating Culture.

#16 We Have A Special Shelf For American Food In Most Swedish Supermarkets. It’s Disgustingly Delicious.

#17 American Section Of International Grocery Store In Amsterdam.

#18 The American Section.

#19 Our Grocery Store In Dublin Now Has A “USA” Section.

#20 American Section In A Spanish Supermarket Sums Up The Stereotype.