These Bunny Bags From Japan Turn Household Clutter Into Adorable Rabbits

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We as a whole have miscellaneous items that we don’t need on appear, but can’t toss out, messing up our homes. Presently there’s a an adorable way to store things because of Japanese company YOU+MORE!

Presenting bunny bags, motivated by traditional furoshiki, a Japanese fabric used to store and transport things. Instead of messy clutter, you’ll have cute li’ bunnies looking up at you.


There are four to collect, including a Holland Lip Ear and a Netherland Dwarf for serious bunny fans, and they’re 2,678 yen (thats $26).


Simply gather up whatever you want to tidy away in the cloth, tie the floppy ears in a bow and ta-da! Less mess, and a super-useful, super-adorable rabbit sitting in your house.