The Results Of This Anti-Bullying Experiment Will Surprise You. Kindly Watch And Share!

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Have you ever given this a thought: how will you react if you happened to be out there in a public place and then you see someone bullying a child? Will you do something to stop the injustice?

The video below puts different people who are complete strangers into test and you will be surprised by the results. This social experiment was conducted by UP TV with the recording done by hidden cameras. The role of bullies is played by two teen girls. In turn, strangers take a bench where they are able to hear the insults directed towards another party. Just like expected, different strangers react different to the incident.

I like the part where one middle-aged man reacted in a manner which was quite unexpected – that happens towards the end of the clip. His reaction brought me into tears. I hope after watching this video you can speak up whenever you see someone being treated in a similar manner.

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