The Geekiest Gift Guide Ever

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The holiday season brings out the geek in all of us, so no one will fault you for placing a tech upgrade under the Christmas tree. While the market is flooded with a ton of products that fall short of expectations, we’ve compiled a collection of the dopest nerdy options out there that are sure to please the techies in your circle.


Google Daydream ($80): The Internet goliath has now ventured into the realm of virtual reality with its own 3D headset that immerses you into surreal entertainment and gaming worlds from any Pixel or Moto Z smartphone. Use the accompanying remote to guide your VR experience.


DJI Mavic Pro ($999): Drones are still the big-boy hobby of the moment. This one is small enough to fit in your jacket pocket and comes equipped with a camera that captures video in 4K-resolution on a three-axis Gimbal. With 27 minutes of flight time, it’s sure to pick up good footage.


Olympus PEN-F Micro ($1,200): Designed to resemble the beautifully crafted 1963 PEN-F classic that most have come to love, this nostalgic shooter comes loaded with futuristic features like built-in Wi-Fi and full HD video.


Astro A50 Headphones with Base Station ($300): Astro’s latest headset is a serious upgrade from the last version. The Dolby Headphone 7.1 offers surround sound and the new base station helps keep you gaming longer by charging and pairing the device at a faster rate, with up to 15 hours of battery life.


Amazon Echo Dot  2nd Gen ($40): Looking to covert your crib into a smart home? Cheaper than its predecessor, the second-gen Echo Dot keeps you connected with home automation at an entry-level price. Control Bluetooth speakers, network lights, thermostats and even deadbolt locks through simple voice commands.


MacBook Pro (2016) ($2,000): It took several years but Apple finally answered the call for a new Macbook Pro, blessing consumers with a model that’s lighter, faster, thinner and flashier. The 2016 model sports a glass strip multi-touch bar built into the keyboard for efficient functionality, plus four USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 3, and supports dual 5K displays.


TCL 65” 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV ($999): The future is in smart TVs with built-in streaming platforms. TCL offers Roku right out the box and delivers HD visuals that bring 4K content to life like no other TV on the market at its price. Browse through over 3,000 Roku channels using the enhanced remote with voice search.


Samsung Gear S3 Frontier ($400): Samsung has focused hard on making wearables conducive to your lifestyle, and the military-grade Gear S3 Frontier is living proof. Leave your phone behind and stay connected via 4G LTE to answer calls, texts and emails from anywhere.


iPhone 7 ($649): Samsung basically blew up its own spot in the mobile space. Google’s flagship handset is overrated. Your money is only good if picking up the latest iPhone model, which comes packaged with high-end features like a rear-facing camera, an improved Retina HD display and longer battery life. There, we said it!


Bose QC30 ($300): Get eight levels of noise cancellation with these in-ear headphones. Plus, the lightweight neckband comfortably holds the company’s patented “StayHear tips” in place to limit ear slippage. 


NES Classic Edition ($69): Who would have thought that the hottest item of the holidays would be a gaming console from the ’80s? Answer: Nintendo. Let nostalgia take over your gaming impulses with the NES Classic, which comes loaded with 30 NES games like Castlevania, Dr. Mario, Excitebike, Legend of Zelda, Metroid and all three Super Mario Bros.


Microsoft Surface Studio ($3,000): The Surface Studio is an all-in-one device with features like an ultra-thin 28-inch display, Windows 10 Pro software and a touchscreen display that works great with the Surface Pen. It’s the ultimate canvas for designers and wordsmiths alike.