Step in Sock Shoe Cover

Tired of tracking dirt and mud into your humble abode? The Step in Sock Shoe Cover will stop dirt in its tracks and keep your floors squeaky clean.

The best part about this smart device is that it’s hands free. No longer do you have to deal with your dirty shoes in order to get shoe covers onto your feet.

All you’ve got to do is step into this state-of-the-art protective shoe cover, let it snap onto your shoes and you’re good to go.

The Step in sock shoe cover has endured years of development to make sure that it’s the perfect protective cover for all shoes, no matter what the size. Stop buying all those horrible plastic shoe-covers, because the eco-friendly, reusable Step in Sock will stick around for years to come.

This Step in sock cover also comes in different materials, so you won’t mess up your beloved shoes in your efforts to keep the house clean.

Whether you’re dealing with an occupation that requires you to get your shoes dirty or kids that love the great outdoors more than they love keeping the house clean, The Step in Sock can make your dreams of a dirt-free home a reality.

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