SockSync Sock Sorter: This Laundry Basket Sorts Your Socks

Doing laundry can be a long and time-consuming task and matching socks is no different. You may even get so frustrated that you throw all the socks in your drawer unmatched, causing a bigger frustration later on. The SockSync sorts and matches your socks for you.

It’s the perfect combination of a laundry basket and a laundry sorter. The sorter, otherwise known as the spinner, connects to the top of the laundry basket.

This spinner keeps track of your socks and makes sure that you find their matches in record time.

First, place a sock over any of the cups. Once you find the sock’s match, push them both through the hole together. This motion folds your socks perfectly in half the time that it normally does.

The sorter is also detachable so you can use the durable laundry basket alone. This is a perfect gift for anyone who’s moving to a new place, whether it be a new apartment or a new dorm room.

It will save them a ton of time during laundry day, and they’ll surely thank you later. Also, it’ll save them money because they won’t be running around buying new socks.

With the SockSync, doing laundry becomes quick, easy, and dare I say it, fun!

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