Sock-Aid: Put On Your Socks Without Bending Down

The Sock-Aid gives everyone the power to take care of themselves, despite any disability. You only need one hand to use this tool.

Place the device on your lap and roll it over the tube as far as you can. That’ll turn the sock inside out and open it up. Lower the aid onto the floor and position your toes over the opening of the sock. After that, push into the sock as far as your foot can go.

It also comes with a separate device that helps you take them off by literally pushing the socks off of your feet.

Using both these methods isn’t complicated at all. It just takes one simple step to put your socks on and one smooth movement to take your socks off. That’s it. Using this takes one step out of your morning routine, and gives you back the ability to take care of yourself.

This amazing tool doesn’t require any bending whatsoever. Along with people with disabilities, this tool can also help people recovering from surgery, pregnant women and the elderly.

If you travel often, this would be great for you as well. Its size is compact so you can take it with you to whatever adventures life has for you.

With the Sock-Aid, you can be one step closer to regaining your independence.

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