So cold it sticks! Man demonstrates just how icy it is when his wet socks and shoes stick instantly to a frozen gate

A man has demonstrated just how cold it really is when he freezes his wet shoes and socks freeze fast to an iron gate.

But it backfires as he’s left him whimpering barefoot in icy temperatures.

More than four million people have already watched the video which was filmed amid plummeting temperatures in north-eastern China.

In the video, the man, dressed in heavy winter gear says: “Let me show you how cold it is in the northeast.”

He pours a wash basin of water onto the ground in front of the red gate and then proceeds to tread in the liquid.

With comedic flare, he then plants one foot on the gate and when he pulls away, his whole boot has glued to the metal, the water having apparently frozen his footwear to the gate.

He repeats the stunt with his other foot, leaving him with only socks on.

But he goes further by dipping both feet in the water and sticking them on the gate too.

He removes his feet one at a time and his socks remain frozen against the metal.

The barefoot man then whimpers in discomfort as he tiptoes on the freezing-cold ground.

Areas in northern China have experienced record low temperatures this year, with north-eastern Heilongjiang Province dropping below minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Minus 50 degree Celsius weather was also reported in the province’s Greater Hinggan mountain range.

China’s National Meteorological Center has issued repeated cold wave alerts in what is one of the country’s coldest ever winters, with even capital Beijing dropping to below minus 12 degrees Celsius.