SkySaver: This Backpack Allows You To Escape Buildings

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The SkySaver gives you the power to rescue yourself in case of an emergency. This system has been developed and tested by safety experts so you can rest assured that you have a stable way out when in an emergency situation.

Strap it on, hook it onto a pre-installed anchor point, and jump out to rappel downwards.

It’s a step-forward in emergency technology and gives the people around you a way out of a bad situation, even when you’re hundreds of feet up.

There is also no training involved. You don’t have to worry about teaching everyone around you how to use it. Just follow those three steps, and the backpack handles the rest. The braking system within the backpack will automatically lower you down to safety.

This rescue backpack would be a great thing to have around the office. Also, it would be an awesome idea for corporate men and women who work in large buildings and would have a hard time getting outside in case of an emergency.

It carries up to 264 pounds worth of weight. With this device on your back, you are able to escape from buildings that are up to 260 feet high.

Keep a SkySaver in a safe place for the next time that you need saving.

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