Sika Post Fix: Set A Fence Post Instantly

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Are you having a hard time stabilizing things like mailboxes and signs around your home? The Sika Post Fix is the convenient way to provide a strong foundation fast.

Just pour the substance into the hole with the post and it hardens in just three minutes. After that, cut it to level it with the ground.

Cover it with the surrounding dirt and it reaches its full strength in just two hours.

The mix is made of an expanding polyurethane resin that is incredibly strong and easy to work with. Wiggly posts are going to be a distant memory.

You’ll be able to save a lot money by DIY’ing these projects yourself. You need something like this in your backyard emergency kit. You’ll never know when you’ll have to stabilize a post.

This small package can replace two 50 lbs. bags of concrete mix. Additionally, that gives you less things to carry around and less stress on your body.

Also, you don’t need any tools to use it. Just make sure you have some gloves on. It works with all types of posts including wood, steel, and PVC.

If you’re a DIY’er, you need the Sika Post Fix to make your next outdoor project a breeze.

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