She Is Visually ImpairedAnd Has Autism, But When She Starts To Sing, She Inspires All!

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If there is something that we can all be proud of as Americans, is our national anthem. There is an explanation to why it is sung at all sporting occasions. It is for the honor of our independence and the life that we have a chance to spend in America, the land of the free.

Even if you are in harmony with the significance of the National Anthem or not, you can somehow be grateful when a person like this little girl below makes a presentation in this manner.

At 16 years and blind, MarlanaVanHoose has autism. But the significant feature that she has is the talent to sing.

Being visually impaired and having autism can be one of the greatest challenge for one to have in life. After listening to her voice and the strength in it, I don’t think this young girl is someone that can allow something like that to get her down.

She is recorded in the video below performing the national anthem brilliantly with no uncertainty. She clears all the first impression judgments and motivates everybody in the audience.

VanHoose has an incredible voice, and everyone should know of her remarkable talent. What do you think of her performance?

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