See Which Jobs will be Gone in 20 Years from Now due to Robots?

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A recent study at Oxford University found that 20 years from now, some of the hottest jobs right now will not be viable and you may have to recheck your job. Here are those jobs and you may be surprised to see some of these.

10. Robots clerks

The reason for replacing employees robots lies in the need for quick service. Already, they quietly perform some functions. This tellers, librarians, tellers. So, to a certain network «Wal-Mart» working on a completely automated store.

9. Robot waiters

In some restaurants near the tables have already installed a robot that customers can pass an order, eliminating the need to wait for the waiter. There are also those institutions which are encouraging orders and pay with your tablet, it is estimated that the visitor thus pays more.

8. Robot Technical Support

I must admit that in this role even real people sound like robots, and many companies started thinking about replacing them real.Moreover, customers likely will not even notice the difference. One of the best examples – Samantha West. Insurance company in Florida has established a robot for receiving information from callers and clients transfer it to the operator for a decision.

7. Robots real estate agents

Yes, even this area may give robots, at least, part of it related to the demonstration of the house to potential buyers. The company MIT develops models that can interact with customers and move them from room to room, providing information about the property.

6. Robots journalists

Hard to believe, but even the creative work under threat. Experts believe that after 15 years, approximately 90% of the articles will be written by robots. Magazine «Forbes» already using them to write annual reports, and for «The Big Ten Network» they write sports viewing.

5. Robots pharmacists

Medical Center of the University of California boasts a completely automated hospital pharmacy, where the robot prepares and monitors all medicines, ensuring the safety of customers. Experts believe that pharmacists are the first to lose their jobs in 20 years.

4. Robots drivers

This is not science fiction, it is reality. The company «Google» has developed a car that drove 250,000 kilometers without any incidents and accidents under the control of the robot. In Australia, there are 45 dump trucks working without sleep or rest, saving owners money. Therefore, taxi drivers, bus drivers, pilots will have to think about their future.

3. Robots soldiers

A Royal Marine poses for photographers with the Unmanned Vehicle Robot, Testudo, at the launch of the Defence Technology Plan in London February 26, 2009. Media were invited to the launch of the Defence Technology Plan, which was the first time the Ministry of Defence has publicly revealed its research needs. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor (BRITAIN)

On the channel «Discovery» we can already see a lot of programs on US military robots. CIA uses drones for many years, and according to «Washington Post» they are responsible for the death of two thousand people in Pakistan over the past ten years. Of course, you can breathe a sigh of relief that the dirty work will get unfeeling machines, only the consequences can be dire.

2. Robot Teacher

Teachers, too, were among those who lost his job after 20 years. Around myrrh already created a lot of incredibly smart teachers willing to share their knowledge. In South Korea, the government introduced a program that allowed the robot named Engkey begin to fulfill their duties.

1. Robots Dr.

And this area is also occupied by robots. Many hospitals have peace operations are performed by robots. The advantage of machines that are faster and more accurate people during surgical procedures.