Scientist Sees A Creature That Was Discovered 2 Decades Ago, You’ll Surely Love This!

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Scientists are always working day and night to discover new things. One Weidong Li from China discovered a new species!
The animal is a pika, living most in elevated areas like cliffs. It feeds on grass and other plants. To top it all, it’s one of the cutest creatures in the wild!

When he first laid his eyes on the animal in 1983, Li had no idea what he was looking at. He came to realize it was actually a new animal species only after he captured a specimen and had t tested at the Chinese Academy of Science. It was confirmed!

In 2014, Li teamed up some volunteers and went on a search for the pika. Did they find it? You must be itching to see what’s in this video. It’s breathtaking!
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