ScanMarker: Scan Notes Instantly To Your Computer or Smartphone

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Taking notes is such a tedious process. You often have to retype tons of text from many different resources. With the ScanMarker, you never have to rewrite anything ever again.

You can scan any written text and pull it up on your computer, phone, or tablet. You can even scan handwritten notes.

If you’re a student who’s constantly taking notes in class, then this device would make your academic life a lot easier.

When you’re studying for a test and you need to copy a section of your textbook for later use, just scan it with this device. Problem solved!

You’re going to save a ton of time using this product, compared to using an actual keyboard. It scans 30 times faster than you can type. That means more time to be productive throughout your hectic day.

Also, the device provides instant translation in over 40 different languages. If you’re a heavy traveler, then this device would be perfect for you.

You’d be able to learn through your environment and have a more immersive travel experience. The word scanner can also read the text out loud to you. If you’re a more auditory learner than visual, then this device would be perfect for your aid.

The Scan Marker simplifies your note-taking experience, one word at a time.

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