PYSIS Overboots: Shield Your Dearest Dress Shoes In Any Climate

Have you ever ruined a good pair of shoes thanks to rain or snow? PYSIS Overboots protect your shoes from different weather conditions and ensure you’ll arrive at the day’s events in style.

You can trust these boots to protect your favorite pair of heels in the worst rainstorm you can image. Want to dance in the rain? No problem! When you untie your boots, the dress shoes inside will be just fine.

The satin lining and rubber soles provide loads of comfort to make your commute super easy.

Also, there are elastic straps on the boots that allow for a tighter, secure fit. You surely won’t be wobbling as you walk down the street.

PYSIS is an acronym for Protect Your Shoes In Style. That’s exactly what these boots do, and they do it extremely well. These boots also save you money by prolonging the life of your dress shoes.

You won’t have to run back to the shoe store time and time again in order to replace your ruined shoes. Once you’ve made it to your destination, roll them up and put them in the provided bag. It’s that simple.

With the PYSIS Overboots, you can treat every day like a sunny day.

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