Privacy Pop: Transform Your Bed Into A Comfy Fort

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When you were a child, did you dream about having your own fort? The Privacy Pop gives you just that!

It transforms a bed into a dreamy, comfy fort. But, this fort isn’t just for kids. Adults can enjoy it as well.

You can purchase a fort that fits any bed from a toddler size, to a queen. Anybody that appreciates peace and solitude will surely appreciate this fort.

The mesh sides reduce the light around you to create an ambient atmosphere and deliver a good night’s rest. It also helps ventilation throughout the fort. If you’re often awaken by bright lights around you then having this fort is certainly going to prevent it from affecting you.

The light reduces when you zip the fort completely closed. Once you’re done hanging out in your fort, it folds into a secure, small case.

This would also be awesome to use in college dorms, or anyone that shares a room with a roommate. This fort can give you the little piece of privacy that you need when you’re sharing a small space. It comes in a bunch of colors that’ll coordinate with a bunch of different types of decor.

Make your bed a sanctuary with the Privacy Pop.

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