PiVit Ladder Leveling Tool: Instantly Level Any Ladder in Seconds

Have you ever wanted to use a ladder in a place that isn’t so level? Maybe you want to string Christmas lights around the outside of your house but you don’t live on level ground. You may want to wash your windows in high places. The PiVit Ladder Leveling Tool is the perfect thing to use for all of these instances.

You can use it in places like stairs and hills to reach wherever you’d like. It has rubber grippers along the outside so it can stable itself wherever you go. So, you can always use a ladder safely and securely.

Also, there is so set-up required. You don’t have to use any bolts or any clamps. That means, right out of the box, you can start using it.

This would be a great gift for your favorite DIY’er. It would open up so many doors and introduce them to a variety of new projects. It also carries up to 500 pounds of weight so you can use it a variety of different ways.

Whether you’re painting high walls or fixing light fixtures, using this tool is the safest way to accomplish your goal.

Keep the PiVit Ladder Leveling Tool in your corner and you’ll always stay level-headed.

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