Pick Punch: Create Your Own Guitar Picks Out of Anything

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Always lose your guitar picks? The Pick Punch is a genius device that helps you make guitar picks out of anything.

Think of it as a guitar pick hole puncher. For example, do you have an old gift card? Turn it into a guitar pick! Got an expired ID card? Turn it into a guitar pick.

Any piece of plastic that you’ve got lying around can turn into a brand new guitar pick. Therefore, you never have to buy new guitar picks ever again. You can recycle anything into a pick.

Every guitar lover needs one of these. Picture this: you’re at an important gig where you’re going to play your guitar in front of hundreds of people. But, no! You’ve forgotten your trusty guitar pick. What do you do? Do you ask around for another one? Do you run around town looking for another pick?

If you have this quirky hole puncher, you won’t have to do neither. This is a sturdy device that’s going to last long term throughout any gig you run into. No matter where you bring your guitar you should certainly have one of these right by your side. It’s not only cool; it’s also practical. What else could you ask for?

Never be without a guitar pick again with the Pick Punch.

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