Orbitwheel: Cross Between a Skateboard and Inline Skates

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Are you looking for the next best thing in extreme sports? Look no further than the Orbitwheel Skates. They are a mashup between a skateboard and inline skates. They provide a unique and fun riding experience that’ll have everyone wondering what’s on your feet.

The skates are set up as full wheels with a footrest in the middle of them. You ride these skates with both of your feet. The speed that you create using both propels you forward. It turns sideways so you can gain momentum while you ride down the sidewalk.

There are so many trick opportunities with these futuristic skates. They’re even easier to use than a skateboard. It comes with a connecting band that’ll help you learn how to use them fast. It’s just like using training wheels to learn how to use a bike. So, before you know it, you’ll be a pro at them.

These skates move by themselves easily. So, unlike skateboards, you won’t have to push your foot to move every so often. The skates will do the work for you. The large wheel is designed to work well on many different surfaces. Wherever you want to skate, you’ll be able to do so easily.

Hop on the Orbitwheel Skates today before you miss the wave.

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