Obol: The Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Obol is a simple but genius bowl that prevents your cereal from ever getting soggy. It was featured all throughout the media from the TV show The Chew to Good Housekeeping magazine.

The secret is that there’s two compartments in the bowl: one for the cereal and one for the milk. With every spoonful of cereal, you dip it in the milk and it’s as crunchy as it can be. This bowl is going to have you thinking: why didn’t anybody think of this before?

There’s a grip built into the bowl so you can easily balance it in bed or on the couch and prevent any mess. It’s also made from an unbreakable FDA approved substance that’s dishwasher and microwave safe. If you accidentally knock it on the floor it’s certainly not going to break.

This is the perfect cereal bowl for children. You’ll minimize messes and give your child a unique experience at the same time. But, it’s not just for cereal.

You can use it with any complimentary foods that you’d rather keep separate like milk and cookies or soup and crackers. You won’t have to grab two different dishes and create more to clean up later.

Get yourself an Obol today and make your cereal crunchy again.

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