Mom Leaves Daughter With Her Dad. Now See What The Two Did… OMG!

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When one mom left her little daughter with her dad, she had zero idea how the two family members used their time together until this video popped up. Now everyone is scouring the internet looking for it. It’s a whole load of cuteness that you would never want to miss!

It’s a fact that some dads aren’t that much into babysitting. They would rather sit the kid in a couch and turn on the TV to keep the little one busy as they relax elsewhere. But this guy is clearly not in the “some” category. He’s the kind of dad who loves and enjoys every second with their kid. See what he’s doing!

Have you listened to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift? That’s what playing here, and the action accompanying it is something to drool at. I love the costumes. And those moves!

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