Microsoft Surface Laptop Review: Very Stylish And Secure

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The Surface Laptop as the name suggests is the first actual laptop directly from Microsoft, and it’s a beauty!

It’s a perfect blend of hardware and software working together in harmony to give users the best user experience possible and also the confidence show it off like Apple MacBook usually do.

This is not a laptop you’d want to cover up in a protective case or have stickers plastered all over it, it’s lightweight at just 2.76 pounds, has great specs, an awesome keyboard that makes typing a pleasure and you can even lift it open with one finger without moving the whole thing.

Surface Laptop Design Is Very Seamless
The new Surface Laptop comes in a very nice packaging with the bare minimum inside. You get a charger, small booklets with some information and the Laptop itself.

Taking the laptop out of the box, it screams premium, thanks to its machined metal build that keeps it looking slick. Microsoft‘s engineers worked hard to keep screws out of sight and even the keyboard is covered in Alcantara faux suede.

If you placed the Surface Laptop flat on a table, all you’ll see is what seems like a solid metal with a subtle mirrored Windows logo on top of it. Its keyboard finishing is also very useful in that when it’s cold, you can rest your palms without feeling icy and the Surface Laptop is super thin at less than 14.5 mm thick.

Under the keyboard, Microsoft has engineered the Surface Laptop speakers there without compromising sound quality. With the Surface Laptop’s Alcantara keyboard finishing, Microsoft said you can easily clean it without damaging it, although we didn’t test this out, I can imagine this is true, otherwise they would have a lot of returned devices in their hands.

What I really love also is how they have made it possible to lift the laptop lid with one finger without the whole laptop shifting and when using its touch screen, the hinge is solid, it doesn’t bounce all over the place, especially back and forth as you touch it or point at the screen.

Around the back where the vent is, it’s slightly slanted so when you have the lid open, you can hardly see it. It’s truly seamless. Where connectivity is concerned, you get one USB 3.0 connector, a 3.5mm headset jack, a mini DisplayPort and Microsoft’s own proprietary SurfaceConnect port for charging.

Just like the Surface Pro, you can get a £190 Surface Dock, for connecting to other peripherals. Using the dock means you can connect to an external display, have more USB ports and a gigabit Ethernet port if you prefer to be tethered.

Overall, the Surface Laptop design is a big improvement and you can see how far Microsoft has come when it comes to designing their own hardware. I’ve always liked the Surface Pro design and this left me in awe too.

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