Luffoliate Back Exfoliator: Scrub Your Back Hands-Free

Shouldn’t we all be washing our back a little bit more than we do? The Luffoliate provides a hands-free solution to that problem that also gives some well-needed exfoliation for our backs.

Exfoliation should be a solid part of your skin-care routine. It the best way to remove dirt from your skin and get your pores all cleared up.

You may not be able to reach many parts of your back. Your back is then left uncleaned. But, this board provides a new opportunity for your skin-care routine.

All you have to do is suction the board to the wall of your shower. Then, rub your back onto the organic loofah board.

Afterward, breathe a sigh of relief as you finally get rid of all that dead skin and dirt. Its ergonomic designed reaches all parts of your back. You no longer have to stretch in awkward positions.

This would also be great for an individual with limited use of their body. This includes the elderly, people with shoulder pain, people with handicaps, and others.

It can provide a sense of independence and a way to get super, squeaky clean. Additionally, the loofah pads can be interchanged so you can wash it as you please.

With the Luffoliate, your back can be as clean as you’d like it to be.

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