KU Students Rush Field In Polite Manner — Get Chided [VIDEO]

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kansas univeristy students rush

The students of Kansas University had good reason to get really excited as the Jayhawks started their season by trouncing Rhode Island with a 55-6 win. That’s their biggest margin of victory since 2007, and the Jayhawks’ first victory since the humiliating winless season of last year. [photo: twitter.com/jessenewell]

So you can’t really blame the team for running up the score, or the students for freaking out — but the school quickly let everyone know that they didn’t approve of young people rushing the field. The PA system quickly advised everyone to get back into the stands “for the respect of this program.” Even the students who stayed in their seats jeered the ones who kinda sorta rioted.

Fortunately, Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star caught the carnage on a pic above that he posted via Twitter. KU coach David Beaty also addressed the relatively-calm commotion after the game. He seemed pretty cool with it all, but that was after a pretty great game…