‘Killer clown’ armed with baseball bat gets smashed in the face after picking on wrong victim

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‘Killer clown’ armed with baseball bat gets smashed in the face after picking on wrong victim


The basic man struck back at the killer clowns threatening our boulevards, by headbutting one of them when he jumped out equipped with a baseball bat.


Ashley Symes, 23, dressed in a red wig and creepy mask and took a baseball bat out into the neighbourhood to scare people, for the lols.

He waited for victims at an underground carpark at the Dockside Outlet Centre in Chatham.


Everything was going well, with several passersby and motorists left traumatised when he jumped out screaming at them and dragging the bat along the ground.

But it all backfired when he chose the wrong man to leap out at – and frankly, we can’t summon too much sympathy.

This victim, perhaps prepared for any killer clown antics by reports in the press, instinctively responds by appearing to headbutt the clown he thought was about to attack him.


His friend, acting as back-up, then chucks his milkshake all over Symes. At this point, Syme’s friend – who has been filming it all – runs up insisting ‘It’s a prank! It’s a prank!’

Trying to diffuse the situation, they admit the whole thing was an imitation of American prankster YouTubers, who have gained a massive following by tricking people and freaking them out.

According to Symes, everyone he scared found his actions hilarious – even the man who headbutted him. And the video netted him more than 100,000 views on his KickItWithAsh channel, although not all the viewers were positive…

As long as there’s no harm done people should see it as a joke,’ Ash said. ‘I was trying to go for a younger audience I didn’t want to target older people in case they had health conditions.’