Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Compactor: Holds Three Times More Trash

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The Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Compactor is the trash can to end all trash cans. It has the power to hold up to three times more trash than a regular trash can of its size. That means that you save time running back and forth to the trash can. Also, you save a ton of space in your home.

Are you worried about the smell that three times more trash might bring? This trash can has you covered, literally! An odor filter is built into the top of the trash can so you won’t have to deal with the smelly stench lying underneath.

You won’t even have to worry about the possibility of touching the trash. This is about as hygienic of a trash can as you can get. The trash is away from your hands and the inside of the bin to keep everything as clean as possible.

The trash can is made of a fingerprint-proof stainless steel that’ll have your bin looking as pristine and clean as possible. It also has a lid stay feature utilized in the device that’ll make putting on trash bags simple. On the other side, it also features a handle so you can get trash out fast.

Secure the bag with the Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Compactor and become the hero of trash day.

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