Ivation EZ-Bed: This Air Mattress Bed Inflates With A Frame

Have you ever dealt with an uncomfortable air mattress when you’re visiting family, camping, or on vacation? The Ivation EZ-Bed completely alleviates that stress and gives you a perfectly comforting experience, with a frame to match.

The included frame provides stability and increased durability that you wouldn’t get with a normal air mattress.

Its built-in pump allows you to personalize your bed’s firmness so you can have a great rest each night. You can either make it plush, medium, or firm. It’s all up to you.

Since the bed’s frame deploys on its own, the set-up is extremely easy. Just unzip the case, plug into the wall, turn it on, and wait until it inflates.

You can even walk away and multi-task as your bed fills up. You can also inflate and deflate the bed in under four minutes. Once you’re done using this bed, it rolls right into a compact duffle bag that can be put away anywhere.

This would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel. It can be hard to get a good night’s rest when you’re away from home. In turn, receiving this gift would bring a smile to any travel addict’s face.

Bring the comfort of home wherever you go with the Ization EZ-Bed.

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