Is This The Most Scary Vacation Home In Australia Image Source

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You would need a strong head for heights and nerves of steel to want to live in this vacation home built on the side of a cliff in Australia!


This five story modular home was designed by Modescape, an Australian company who designed this home to fit in with the extreme parcels of land on the rugged Aussie coastline. The design is suppose the resemble the way barnacles hug the rocks along the shores.

This concept was developed as a modular home literally hanging off the side of a cliff. Visualized as a natural extension of the cliff face rather than an addition to the landscape and creating an solid connection with the ocean.


Utilizing Modscape’s modular design and prefabrication technologies it delivers a series of stacked modules that are anchored into the cliff face using large engineered steel pins.

The entry in to this home is through the carport on the top floor, there a lift vertically connects you through each descending living area. The internally living spaces feature minimalistic furnishings and features amazing panoramic views of the surrounding ocean.


One thing is for sure, you are not likely to find a more unusual and spectacular design for an ocean side dwelling but it might take a little time to build your confidence to feel comfortable living is such an extreme location above a fierce and dangerous stretch of ocean.


Is This The Most Scary Vacation Home In Australia