Is Lil Wayne Retiring? Rapper’s Cryptic Tweets Hint That He Could Be Done

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lil wayne cryptic tweets hint at retirement


Lil Wayne is one of the most commercially successful rappers of all-time, so when he sent out cryptic tweets this morning hinting at retirement, the world was buzzing to figure out what he meant.

A clearly distressed Wayne first set the internet ablaze with this cryptic tweet at 4:06 a.m EST:

I AM NOW DEFENSELESS AND mentally DEFEATED & I leave gracefully and thankful I luh my fanz but I'm dun

— Lil Wayne WEEZY F (@LilTunechi) September 3, 2016

Just over two hours later, the rapper tweeted this:

ain't lookin for sympathy, just serenity

— Lil Wayne WEEZY F (@LilTunechi) September 3, 2016

With the world on edge after his first two tweets, Weezy then sent out this reassuring tweet for the people worried about Weezy’s current state:

I'm good y'all don't trip

— Lil Wayne WEEZY F (@LilTunechi) September 3, 2016

It remains unclear what Lil Wayne meant by these alarming tweets, and whether or not the interpretation that he is retiring is correct. Wayne has been embattled in recent years with Birdman, so there’s some speculation that the tweets are expressing his continued frustration of still being under contract with his former mentor.

Perhaps, Wayne will clarify the intentions of his tweets in the coming days. Then again, maybe not. The enigmatic nature of all this has certainly helped Weezy get ample publicity.