International Country Flags Made From The Country’s Traditional Food

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For part of the Sydney International Food Festival, an advertising agency created 18 international country flags using the traditional foods from the country. The results were pretty amazing.

1. Italian Flag


The Italian flag is made up of delicious Basil leaves, traditional long pasta and fresh tomatoes. Who fancies tucking into this?

2. Indian Flag


India’s flag is made up of a traditional spicy chicken curry, boiled white rice, cooked cheera thoran and a small single poppadom sits in the center.

3. Brazilian Flag


A large Banana leaf covers the plate with juicy sliced limes, pineapple and a passion fruit on top makes up Brazil’s famous green and yellow flag.

4. Chinese Flag


Red juicy Dragon fruit cut into squares covers the plate and different size yellow star fruit have been cleverly used to represent the flag’s stars.

5. United States Flag


Traditional American hot dogs covered in ketchup make up the stripes and bright yellow mustard dots make up the stars. You can’t get much more American than this.

6. Greek Flag


The Greek flag is made up of fresh red olives and chunks of creamy thick feta cheese. Way to go Greece.

7. Japanese Flag


Sushi is the obvious choice for representing Japan. A slice of raw tuna sitting on a small bed of white rice is enough to resemble the Japanese flag.

8. Lebanese Flag


The Lebanon flag is made from a crisp Middle Eastern flat bread called lavash, diced tomatoes make up the edges and single stem of the herb sprig sits in the middle.

9. Vietnamese Flag


A mound of Rambutan and lychee fruits fill the plate and to finish off the Vietnamese flag a single large starfruit slice has been placed on top.

10. Australian Flag


The Australian flag is large meat and gravy pie with star shaped cut out to reveal the delicious center. Representing the Union Jack in the corner is a few lines of Ketchup.

Feeling hungry yet?

11. South Korean Flag


The South Korean Flag is made up of Kimbap which is the Korean version of sushi and consists of beef, pickled veggies and other ingredients wrapped in white rice and a dried laver seaweed sheet. The center is made up dipping sauces.

12. French Flag


Blue cheese, brie and grapes make up France’s Tricoleur

13. Turkish Flag


Pale pink Turkish delight represents its national namesake

14. Switzerland Flag


Switzerland is represented with charcuterie meats and Emmental cheese

15. Spanish Flag


Chorizo and Paella rice neatly make up the Spanish civil flag, just missing the country’s coat of arms.

16. Indonesian Flag


Indonesia’s national flag is created with spicy curry and white rice

17. Thailand Flag


Blue swimmer crab, shredded coconut and sweet chilli sauce depict Thailand’s national flag

18. United Kingdom Flag


The Union Jack is represented here by scone, cream and different coloured jams in a tribute to the British tradition of afternoon tea

Sydney International Food Festival


The Sydney International Food Festival is held from October 1 to 31 each year. Top chefs, writers and food lovers from around the world join 900,000 Sydney siders and visitors at more than 600 different events across the month.


These include the hugely popular Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park, the World Chef Showcase, Breakfast on Bondi, Kids’ Crazy Island Tea Party, one-off dinners, special lunches and brunches at leading restaurants, as well as markets, tours, talks and food-based community festivals throughout Sydney and regional New South Wales.