Inflatable Cabana Islander 6 Person Lounge

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Ever wanted to own a private island? With the Inflatable Cabana Islander 6 Person Lounge, you can do just that. It gives you all the features that you want and need to enjoy a wonderful sunny day at sea. It has a boarding platform built into it so you won’t have a difficult time getting on and off.

In addition, there’s a nylon resistant top that’ll protect you from the harsh winds that you might experience on the water. It also keeps you in the shade so you can stay cool.

Speaking of staying cool, there’s an inflatable cooler built into it. You can bring all your favorite drinks with you and start the party at sea with up to five of your closest friends.

You might worry about possibly drifting off at sea while you’re relaxing on your personal inflatable island. Fear not! This has a built-in anchor system that will keep you from doing anything of the sort.

There’s even a swim porthole in the middle of the device that gives you easy access to the waters. If you want a quick refresher, all you’ve got to do is fall through. The Inflatable Cabana Islander is a perfect way bring your next day at the lake to another level of awesomeness.

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