How People Refer To Their Private Parts In Different Countries

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Did you know that in Italian the nickname for the penis is “pea”?

XX_XY The Project is an illustrated encyclopedia on Instagram documenting the words and ways of saying that the various cultures use as nicknames for the genitals, that are a universal taboo!

The project aims to document and ‘report’ in a direct, naif, ironic and non-vulgar way the universal taboo of sexuality, which is also shown in the use of alternative and imaginative terms used to avoid the shame.

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#1 Spain – Conejo, Alias ‘Rabbit’

#2 Germany – Schwanz, Alias ‘Tail’

#3 Cuba – Papaya, Alias…well, ‘Papaya’

#4 Italy – Pisello, Alias ‘Pea’

#5 Korea – Gochu, Alias ‘Hot Pepper’

#6 Nicaragua – Bicho, Alias ‘Bug’

#7 English-Speaking Countries – Schlong, Alias ‘Snake’

#8 Turkey – Yarak, Alias ‘Weapon’

#9 Japan – Koneko-chan, Alias ‘Pussy’

#10 France – Framboise, Alias ‘Raspberry’