HoverSeat Lets You Ride Your Hoverboard in Ease and Style

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Looking for another fantastic reason to score yourself one of those awesome hoverboards? Meet the HoverSeat.

This hoverboard seat attachment gives you the ability to utilize your hoverboard in a new and exciting way.

Just lock it onto your average hoverboard and you can sit comfortably and ride it like a go-kart.

If it’s difficult for you to balance and use your hoverboard normally, then this seat attachment would be the perfect way to use your hoverboard in a way that’s perfect for you.

It’s also far safer than using a hoverboard normally, standing up. You have much less of a chance falling off of it and becoming injured.

You can use it with any type of folding chair that you have lying around. Also, you can hook baskets onto the back of it so you can carry essentials like your purse or beach bag safely.

Its wheels are strong enough to go over many different materials like grass, gravel, and sand. That makes it perfect for use in different places like the beach, the park, or even down the sidewalk.

This hoverboard seat attachment is comfortable, practical, and the coolest thing on four wheels.

Step into the future of transportation with the HoverSeat.

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