He Was Filming At Niagara Falls When He Captured Something Horrific

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Thousands of people flock to the U.S. and Canada each year to take in the sights at one of the largest tourist attractions on the East Coast: Niagara Falls.

But while most people come to escape their normal lives for a day full of selfies, souvenirs, and lots and lots of water, others have a much darker reason for visiting the falls.

Each year, 20-25 people make the decision to take their lives at the falls. While some people survive the 202-foot drop to the bottom, this man did not. With hundreds of tourists armed with their cameras filming the entire incident, a man can be seen jumping over the protective railing, plummeting to his death. 

I can’t even imagine traveling to the falls for a day of fun and relaxation, and instead, recording a man ending his life. Beware the video you’re about to see is incredibly graphic and is not for everyone.